ACADEMY AWARDS Shortlist Named—Facing Ali on the list

My friends, a little good news. Facing Ali had the good fortune of being shortlisted (final 15) for the Academy Award nominations. Surreal—but congratulations to everybody involved. I feel profoundly fortunate to have directed this film, to have met all those legendary fighters, and to have worked with such a great team. And congratulations to all the other films that were shortlisted.



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  1. Erynn says:

    Wow, that’s fantastic, Pete! Congratulations to you and everyone who worked on the project. I’m so thrilled for you!

  2. Thanks, Erynn! It was so much fun to meet you in Seattle.
    Pete xoxo

  3. No surprise. It well deserved it.

  4. Hey Ryan. Thanks for the sweet words. And, for the record, it may not be a surprise to you, and I appreciate that, but I sure as heck was surprised today! Last thing on my mind. Although I had to get an email from the awards part of VIFF when the Audience Award was given. I was totally out to lunch—or, actually, working away at home—so I clearly have some issues!

    Hope all is super well for you,


  5. Teresa says:

    Congratulations!!!! I have yet to see your film but I hear excellent things and will see it as soon as I can. (Any upcoming showings in Van? Sadly, I missed VIFF). I found out you were shortlisted as I am a member of the “Under Our Skin” facebook group and was excited to hear they had made the list…and then YOUR film was on that list too. So exciting!!
    It was sincerely a pleasure to meet you and share a table with you at Jen and Morgan’s wedding.

  6. Erynn says:

    Definitely going well for me. I’ve got essays in at least three anthologies coming out in the next few months! It’s been a good year for writing for me. I’m so pleased it’s been a good year for you with this film. And you were so delightful in Seattle. I’m hoping to come to Vancouver in December if I can manage to scrape together the money for gas. I have friends I must visit and you are on that list!

  7. Karen says:

    Sorry Pete, gotta take Ryan’s side.

    The film deserves this recognition, as do you, Derik, and the rest of the crew. As do the men whose stories you brought to us; sides of them we might never know if not for this film.

    Congratulations to all.

    Love to you and those you love,

  8. philip McCormack says:

    Petesy, It was a great documentary. I think it could make the final, and who knows! I would like to see it for a third time. Love Dad

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  10. Gisele says:

    That’s Great news! Congratulations. I’m so glad that your Magnificent film is being recognized by the industry.

  11. Great movie Pete ! Even my wife loved it and she isn’t a boxing fan. I have seen all the Ali flics and that was the best by far.

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