PEAK OIL: What Will The Post Oil World Look Like?

The question in the title is rhetorical, although one could well imagine a few scenarios on the downside of peak oil. In fact in some places—granted, generally with less infrastructure than in the so-called West—these scenarios are already upon us.

But imagine this: with oil production being predicted to plateau (and then decline) after 2020—predicted by the International Energy Authority’s (IEA) chief economist Fatih Birol, children born this year will by, say, their tenth birthday, or even their 20th, for better, in some ways, and worse, in some ways, be living in a world with a vastly different energy paradigm. What does it take to become more prepared?

What will the world look like without oil? One cannot stress how broad is the use of oil in virtually everything. Consider food production. From tilling to shipping to packaging to fertilizing (see Ruppert’s description in Collapse), it is all oil under conventional modern practices.

How do we change what we’re doing? Who is we? Copenhagen in 2010 is a vital meeting of minds and problems. I post here three relatively quick videos for your own overview.

One, George Monbiot of the Guardian with a very important and revealing interview with Fatih Birol. Two, Naomi Klein talking about issues to be confronted at the Copenhagen Climate summit. And three, Mike Simpson of One Sky, talking to me, briefly, about, at least, ways to think about one’s personal situation and relationship to non-renewable resources.

I knew, I just knew, we are all in this journey together.

Pete xo

PS Here’s how I feel about the potential of human beings—sisters and brothers—with their loving, intelligent, compassionate, discerning instincts nourished, supported and expanded. We are one. We are unique. That relationship, my friends—the inherent tension between individuality and solidarity, and maximizing both—is a remarkable, beautiful relationship of inconceivable potential, and for me the key to living a life well-lived, and useful. But the material world is a tricky world.


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  1. Karen says:

    Hi Pete,

    On a sad note, I just read in TIME (November 30, 2009) that a coalition of world leaders (including Presidents Obama and Jintao) at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit signaled that their aim for the climate talks in Copenhagen will be to build political consensus to pave the way for steps to be taken in the future concerning legally-binding limits on greenhouse-gas emissions.

    Could someone mention to them that this is no longer a topic we have the luxury of taking the slow and steady approach to? Or is that really a white elephant lying in the middle of the room gasping for breath?

    Love to you and those you love,

  2. Thanks for the great video. Unfortunately a very few people understands the value of solar and wind energy these days. I hope your video will open eyes of many of the people.

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