JEFFREY ARMSTRONG: Spiritual Lessons of the Avatar

“…behind the notion of avatar is a view that sees the sacredness of all life and the soul of all beings as eternal—meant for freedom and made of divine essence.”
—Jeffrey Armstrong

This is going to be a terrific event.

On June 29th, there will be big launch for a terrific new book written by Jeffrey Armstrong called Spiritual Lessons of the Avatar (Atria Books/Beyond Words Publishing/Simon and Schuster). Jeffrey is both a dear friend of mine and a passionate and wide-thinking teacher, scholar and explorer of both Eastern and Western thought, and specifically, the Vedic (Hindu) philosophy. So if anyone wonders where I get at least a few of my thoughts, you can find out by hanging out on the 29th.

Although not even in bookstores yet, Spiritual Lessons of the Avatar has already been received with wild enthusiasm, selling internationally, and will be translated into German (Das Geheimnis der Avatare), Russian and Italian and likely Chinese, Japanese and French in the very near future.

This is exciting, because the information shared is life-affirming, self-enhancing, and community building, reminding us of our connections to each other, to ourselves, to the planet and inner and outer space (Houston, we have contact).

The launch will take place at the Unity Church in Vancouver (5840 Oak St), and Jeffrey will be giving a talk about the book and the world, and I will be interviewing him afterwards, which I believe will include a Q&A with the crowd.

That’ll be fun, guaranteed. You can ask things like, “Do Avatars only exist in CGI?” or “Yes, I get all that, but is there really a God and what can he do for me?” (wrong question) or “Was Krishna really blue?” or “What are the odds for world peace or, at least, a good night’s sleep?”

There will also be some great opening act(s), mingling, chai (and maybe mingling chai), good-looking people, transcendental vibes, and I’ve heard a rumour that I may even play a song or two. I’m actually billed as the Master of Ceremonies, but truth is, I’m a Jack-of-some-Trades and a Master-of-None, but I’ll at least try to speak clearly, be humorous, add to a mind-expanding and inspiring time, and help Jeffrey share parts of his worldview to hundreds of beautiful souls.

If I can say so, I feel even more of an attachment to the book as I had the opportunity to be one of the main editors in its unfolding, which was a wild and intense and fulfilling ride.

From the introduction of Spiritual Lessons of the Avatar:

It is my sincere wish that this book will provide tools of knowledge that help you live and be your most authentic self—whatever your worldview—and that Spiritual Teachings of the Avatar will inspire and encourage you to help solve personal, local, and global dilemmas through greater consciousness, cooperation, and integrity.

As we will learn, the Avatars are unequivocal about one thing: with the correct vision, we can, starting today, begin to fulfill the promise of hope that remains in Pandora’s Box and, most important, in the deepest, kindest, most courageous parts of our own hearts.

The full introduction is here.

And here’s an excerpt from Chapter 5, Honoring the Feminine.

When: June 29th, 7:00 pm
Where: Unity Church 5840 Oak St (41st and Oak), Vancouver, BC
For tickets: Banyen Books (604) 737-8858 and online at
For more info: (604)275-6567

Tickets are thirty-five bucks, and that includes the book, which is $24.95. What a deal. There are also $65.00 tickets, a VIP thingamajig.

I’m not on Facebook, but here’s the facebook link.

Media contact is Whitney Quon, Beyond Words Publishing, (503) 597-3674

I wouldn’t be surprised if it sells out. You have to be there. And who knows, maybe the Avatar will show. Maybe She already has.

Lots of love



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  1. sandiji says:

    Thanks Pete — you are a dear friend and we love your enthusiasm! And you’re right its going to be a fantastic night – lots of great people have tickets already!

  2. Amy Armstrong says:

    Can’t wait to hear you play! This book is published by the folks who brought you the Secret….it’s likely to make the Secret a SECRET! LOL

  3. My pleasure, Sandi. And Amy, it’ll be great to see you. Sending tons of love. xox

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