The influence of Bruce Lee

Just how big, and just what was the influence of the truly inimitable (like Ali) Bruce Lee?

According to writer Davis Miller:

“Before [Bruce] Lee’s death there were fewer than 500 martial arts schools in the world; by the late 1990s, because of his influence, there were more than 20 million martial arts students in the United States alone.”

That actually means about one in fifteen people in the US are martial art students—which I doubt but you never know—but Lee’s influence is impressive. He became, all over the world, synonymous with martial arts. And now, Mixed Martial Arts/Ultimate Fighting is huge, which begs countless other questions…

Here’s to the fluid motion of the body, and good maintenance. I am as we speak on the couch, in an awkward position, crying out (quietly, inside) for five minutes of yoga and then bed.

Life is good.

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2 Responses to “The influence of Bruce Lee”

  1. Bruce was the great pioneering martial-arts movie star, but crediting him with the state of martial arts in the 1990s is rather like saying Windows 7 was Steve Wozniak’s idea.

  2. I agree for sure. I don’t think it’s so much as crediting Bruce, his original mixed martial art style, Jeet Kune Do, notwithstanding. It’s more simply asking, what was the effect, the legacy of Lee, in two different ways: film and martial arts, even, perhaps, MMA? Let alone bridging cultures a little. Nixon went to China. Lee fighting Chinese in the US who don’t want him teaching Gung Fu? Or just a secret love for a One World Government led by covert Communist totalitarians posing as benevolent sages and working with massive Business Conglomerates with Malthusian tendencies?

    The answer? Unknown. Ah, but here the human brain kicks in…take it from here, Ry.


    PS It was actually a lot of servicemen coming back from Asia and Japan who brought back Karate-do (the way of the empty hand), showing up in things like The Man From U.N.C.L.E and I Spy. There was, I have heard, almost no teaching of Kung Fu in America when Bruce arrived. Jusrt over ten years later, Kung Fu was a TV series. Coincidence? Fate? I don’t know.

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