I’m off to England in about twelve hours to start filming the Facing Ali documentary. I have the pleasure of interviewing the long-adored Sir Henry “Our ‘Enry” Cooper in Kent (who fought Ali (Clay) in ’63 and ’66) and American-born legendary slugger Earnie “The Acorn” Shavers in Liverpool (who fought Ali in 1977).

It’s going to be a great experience.

Baseball legend Reggie Jackson once said this of Muhammad Ali:

As a young black man, at times I was ashamed of my colour; I was ashamed of my hair. And Ali made me proud…Ali was part of that growing process…Ali helped raise black people in this country out of mental slavery. The entire experience of being black changed for millions of people because of Ali.

And now, with the help of some legendary former champions and contenders, I’ve got to try and tell that story and their incredible stories. What a great opportunity.

I’m back in a little over a week. Lots of love to you—love more whenever you can,

Pete xox


3 Responses to “CHEERIO!”

  1. Erynn says:

    Travel safely, Pete. Be well and have fun!

  2. Karen says:

    Have fun, Pete.

    Sure you don’t need someone to carry your luggage? Erynn and I could be really good at that!

    Be safe.


  3. Erynn says:

    I’m fabulous at carrying books and laptop computers!

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