A 4 minute video with Pulitzer Prize winning civilization-scholar Jared Diamond (Guns, Germs and Steel and Collapse) discussing the direction towards decline or recline the US may or may not go. Unsurprisingly, he says a lot depends on the choices the so-called “elites” make and the pressures they’re under to make change.

For example, dykes in New Orleans were not built, despite warnings, largely because the wealthy live high on the hill, as it were, and the poorer folks—being a largely segregated city, a danger for a civilization’s ongoing success, evidently—lived right in harms way, should the water break through, and break through it did.

By comparison, Holland (with everybody in harms way), has built state of the art dykes to diminish the likelihood of such a disaster.

The clip is here.

My immediate recommendation: get rich! No…uh…increase and build community by being kind to everybody, seeing them as sisters and brothers. At least that’s immediately doable—and see where that leads.

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