TWO BEAUTIFUL THINGS: Human Hope, Human Ingenuity

Had a dinner party on Saturday with some beautiful friends, and we talked late into the night about our personal hopes for the planet, our fellow beings and ourselves. Invariably everyone felt a pretty unstoppable amount of hope in two beautiful realities: human kindness and human ingenuity. Given certain other realities around us and inside us, that all were aware of in different ways, that was a sweet, sweet emotion.

Is it naive? How is human kindness and sustainable ingenuity elevated and inspired? Are you feeling hopeful?

Here’s a quick run through the last three hundred years of fossil fuels in three hundred seconds. Sometimes it’s better to research yourself and read books on the subject and interview experts, but in a pinch, this piece shows some of the stunning ingenuity and some of the confusions, and some of the big dilemmas, all with pretty drawings.

Sending you hope and ingenuity, and may you be often breaking bread with people you both love and are inspired by,

Pete xo

Ah, why not play my own little 3 cent video, Wide Open (to possibilities)? After all, this is the only radio station that plays an old folky like me. Incidentally the two beautiful women that helped film the video with a tiny Canon HG21 were at the dinner party, spreading love. Surely that makes it worth a spin:


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