Okay. Here goes. The one biggie. Laying it out. Bing-bang-boom. I’ve got the market cornered but this one is yours for free.

Numero Uno:

Actually, how the hell should I know? It’s your life. But here’s what I propose:

Enjoy it more. Seriously.

Apply that to everything, except to things that it obviously shouldn’t be applied to.

And here are two thoughts I always keep in mind (and body):

There is no cure for the human condition.

To think there is a cure is idiotic. Okay, at least silly. We are here. Things are changing. For the better? For the worse? That’s for you and me to decide. Good luck inside that.

And with that:

The only thing we really own is our mood.

No matter how much things change, that’s what we own. And they will change. And a true smile supposedly releases dopamine and perhaps other narcotic-like hormones. I can’t actually remember the science, but I like the feeling.

So that’s my one thing—and this time in capitals:


Oh yeah, why? Because, my friends, all horrible things aside, this is a miraculous, inconceivable, one-time only (or many-time only) ride.

There are so many beautiful people actually on your side, hoping for you the most beautiful experiences and opportunities. Some of those people you don’t even know. Yet. Some you’ll never know. Some you know and don’t even know that’s what they hope for you. Some you may even wish you didn’t know.

But as soon as you start really hoping that for them, too, you’ll feel a surge of certainty: ‘There must be some others feeling this for me!’ There’s a small chance, for example, quite a small chance, that Angelina Jolie or even Danny Devito are wishing such things just for you right now.

Mathematics and/or Oprah Magazine tell me this is so.

So here’s to the best cure for that incurable proposition known as life.

And here’s to owning my mood. I can’t own your mood, of course, at least not on what I make. But I’m hoping your mood is shining right now in the colour of joy—or at least in a complementary hue of hope—represented in the physical by a big ol’ grin and a warm tingling wherever a warm tingling makes you happy. I could post a tingle diagram, but that might either be 1) family unfriendly or 2) disappointing.

Be free. Express yourself honestly, kindly, as much as you can. And cause as little harm as possible when doing so. This may in fact be what they call the Tao, but I can’t prove it without a small magnifying lens, a team of lawyers and a live-in lama.

Oh look, here’s one now:

Lots of love,



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