CAPITALISTS-COMMUNISTS, BOLSHEVIKS, HITLER and WALL STREET: Sweeping Definitions into the Dustbins of History

Early in life I had noticed that no event is ever correctly reported in a newspaper.
—George Orwell

I am repeatedly amazed by how little I know, or how much I forget. So, likely, are most of my readers. For that I apologize. But this is interesting. I was reading today and stumbled upon the name of Anthony C. Sutton (February 14, 1925 – June 17, 2002), who was a British-born ‘conservative’ economist, historian, writer and research fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institute.

Sutton wrote books like Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution and Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler.


I don’t know if Sutton was every debunked—he was certainly ignored, right through the Kissinger/Nixon era—but listening to what he says is highly revealing, and begs countless other questions about Big Business and Big Government collusion. Now that domestic collusion is well-known, through lobbyists, politics, and every other way to the point of nausea. Less known is the collusion across ideologies and so-called enemy countries, all in the pursuit of power and massive wealth, funded in large part by tax-payers. It gives even more sinister meaning to the term multinational.

Of course Henry Ford’s ugly anti-semitism and ties to Adolf Hitler are well known. Both men were enamoured with the other, and Hitler even presented Ford with:

“…in 1938, the Grand Cross of the German Eagle, which was the highest award given to a foreigner by the Nazi regime. Hitler, for the record, in 1931 called Henry Ford his “inspiration.” Ford’s genius notwithstanding, think assembly lines, humans as cogs etc…”

The above is quoting myself, by the way. But it links to Henry Ford.

But the following direct commercial links between massive Western corporations and the Bolsheviks in Soviet Russia for some reason even surprised me. And there were many other Western and specifically American massive corporations besides Ford—Standard Oil, for example—who did the same, both in Hitler’s Germany and in Soviet Russia. This went on all the way through to the time when the Soviets were arming the North Vietnamese (massive loans to the Soviets to be used to purchase American weaponry to be used by the North Vietnamese in Vietnam against American soldiers and Vietnamese soldiers and citizens).


This from Wikipedia on the so-called Gorky Plant or GAZ, in Russia:

In May 1929 the Soviet Union signed an agreement with the Ford Motor Company. Under its terms, the Soviets agreed to purchase $13 million worth of automobiles and parts, while Ford agreed to give technical assistance until 1938 to construct an integrated automobile-manufacturing plant at Nizhny Novgorod. Production started on January 1, 1932, and the factory and marque was titled Nizhegorodsky Avtomobilny Zavod, or NAZ, but also displayed the “Ford” sign. GAZ’s first vehicle was the medium-priced Ford Model A, sold as the NAZ-A, and a light truck, the Ford Model AA (NAZ-AA). NAZ-A production commenced in 1932 and lasted until 1936, during which time over 100,000 examples were built.

1929 until 1936. Heck, Woodrow Wilson’s ‘Red Scare’ and the Palmer Raids of 1919 and 1920 had long been launched, evidently only against the little guys, folks fighting for workers rights and other peons.

Four parts of a very rare interview with Anthony Sutton, about Wall Street’s and Big Business’ connection to Hitler and the Bolsheviks are here: One, Two, Three (Gorky Plant talked about), and Four. Again, I don’t know anything about Sutton, or how respected he is, but he seems to know these details pretty well.

From Part Three—and Armand Hammer is but one example, and by now this is somewhat known.

SUTTON: Armand Hammer is a very interesting example. Armand Hammer received the first foreign concession in 1922 [I assume foreign meaning concession to do business with the Soviet Union] in asbestos in the Ural Mountains—and he also conducted for the Soviets a number of other enterprises, right down to pens and pencil manufacturing, for example.

But Armand Hammer is interesting because his father—although Armand Hammer today is chairman of Occidental Petroleum Corporation—his father was Julius Hammer, who in 1919 was Secretary General of the Communist Party of the USA, which emphasizes the arguments I made throughout my books: that at the top level, there’s no difference between your top communists and your top capitalists, they interlink…

INTERVIEWER: So it’s basically a power grab?

SUTTON: It’s a power grab, an international power grab.

Just a little information to contemplate on the propaganda we’re fed. Truth can set us free, or at least make us think.



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