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All I know how to do is create stuff. I'm a writer, filmmaker and musician. Recent focus has been on my third novel, number one in a YA trilogy called Last of the Humans. The story takes place a century in the future. I hope to finish the trilogy before then. My other novels were written in the previous century, the Stephen Leacock-nominated Understanding Ken and Shelby. I've written several produced feature screenplays.

My documentary Facing Ali was Oscar short-listed in 2009.  Loved making that film. My most recent documentary, Spirit Unforgettable, is about John Mann, a super-talented friend of mine (and lead singer of Spirit of the West), who suffered from early onset Alzheimer’s. The film won Audience Choice awards at Toronto's Hot Docs and the Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF).

For you sci-fi fans, I’m presently in conversation to direct a documentary biopic on the creator of Star Trek, the inimitable Gene Roddenberry.

In 2016, I created, wrote and directed a 6-part HBO documentary series called Sports on Fire. Topics ranged from Olympic terrorism, the Cold War, and performance enhancing drugs to the 1936 Olympics and Jesse Owens, gender testing in sport and moonshine and the rise of NASCAR. All right up my alley.


A few other award-winning films I've written and directed include Uganda Rising (with my talented buddy Jesse James Miller), I Am Bruce Lee—at the time Spike TV’s highest watched documentary ever—and a scripted feature called See Grace Fly.


I’ve done a little ad work, too, including celebrations of dads and moms for Echo Storytelling Agency that have garnered over a million views. My dear dad—who left the planet in 2020—is in one of them, just for a second. So is my beautiful son.


A few songs have been used in film and on the small screen but I still dream of writing that perfect pop song. I'm still a chorus away. Truth is, folks, I just want to keep on writing and creating beautiful things—and I'd love to inspire others to do the same. That would amazing. 

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