I don’t know any more about this than what I just got in the mail, but it is interesting—and wouldn’t one hate things to go the way of Yahoo and, I think, Google China etc (feel free to give the true goods on that statement).

I’m talking about e-mail on these servers being surveilled by the Chinese government to monitor information being sent around. On that note, did I mention how farcical yet instructive it is—at least to me—that Beijing can host the Olympics with nary a serious threat of boycott, despite its eternal repressions?

Of course, I was appalled they kept receiving MFN—Most Favoured Nation—trading status, year after year, in the 80s and 90s.

Well, this little article about Telecommunication companies receiving immunity from spying on American citizenry seems almost worse than Google China, seeing as it’s in the home of the free, but any way….

Google China, hmm. Before the excerpt, I just had a thought: this is what nations will be called one day: Google China, Monsanto-Canada, Coke America, like some sort of Benson and Hedges Golfing Tournament of Champions.

“Hello friends, my name is Product, I’m from Monsanto-Canada, I speak McDonaldese ad I believe in a God who wears polyester. My ancestors sailed here on the Santa Wal-Martia, and I just love my perfectly coloured, 99.4% corn-based, fast food diet. Sometimes, when my McDad isn’t trying to kill himself, we visit Coke America, and I go on all the rides at Exxonland.”

But back to the point: it comes from True Majority, and I send it to my American sisters and brothers:

Yesterday, the Senate passed a bill that would grant immunity to telecom companies that helped the government illegally spy on American citizens.

I think that’s such a cool thing in a “free market” economy: the right—nay, the freedom—of the citizenry to pay a massive, research subsidized (by the tax-payer) telecom company to spy on us. Ingenious! That sounds a little like East Germany in days of yore. Maybe even in days of Eeyore (“a pessimistic, gloomy, old, depressed, grey stuffed donkey”). Or at least like COINTELPRO from the 70s (1956-1971), a crime that utterly dwarfs Watergate in everyway except the media and political interest.

Back to True majority:

And while this is a definite setback, there’s still hope. The debate now moves to the House where there are currently much stronger versions of the bill. Tell your Representative not to vote for any bill that provides immunity for telecom companies that broke the law.

To put your voice against it, press here: Telecom companies should be held responsible for illegally spying on Americans.

It’s impossible to justify undermining the very essence of our constitution in order to protect it. As the White House continues to use fear to drum up support, more people in Washington need to get the courage to stand up. Senator Dodd has already promised that he will filibuster any final version of the bill that includes telecom immunity. The House can make sure it doesn’t come to that.

And doesn’t this note seem like an appropriate time for this commercial message?


Perhaps out of fear, utter disinterest or a case of “having their own life,” few seem to have fully embraced the Info Nerd Challenge of who’s who in the video, located beneath the video (press here).

Nevertheless, two names are already out there from the five:

One, former teamster Jimmy Hoffa (his son now runs the Teamsters). I think a monarchical/genetical sort of passing is good in the democratic spirit of Unions—hey, it happened with the Presidency, with stellar results.

And two, Ugandan/British soldier Idi Amin, brought to brutal power in a British/Israeli backed coup to oust Milton Abote, I think in 1970.

Be strong, be beautiful, be clear, be discerning, be loving, make people laugh if you can—and see the beauty out there, and inside,

Love more,

Pete xo


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