A note to PAUL WATSON of the SEA SHEPHERD SOCIETY: You’re fucking CRAZY!

This is an important preface to the essay (June, 2010). A passionate reader read this blog, god love him, and didn’t realize that I was being as sarcastic as I can possibly be, and thought I was an insane bastard. I may be an insane bastard, but for those who don’t know me, I am travelling in this essay as far wide on the charts of sarcasm as my sarcastic mind (and I am very sarcastic) can go.


It’s now July 2010 and I have to do a second disclaimer. I am being utterly sarcastic. I’m being ironic. Maybe my vegetarianism is clashing with my humour. Damn.

I don’t like writing this way, but I’m pissed off. Let’s get one thing straight: Paul Watson, “President” of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (nice name, by the way—not!) and lover of sea-urchins, whales and conservation etc—or put another way, human-hater—is crazy.

He’s a menace to things civilized. Just like those suffragettes, or civil rights marchers—like they weren’t armed? Right. Or those people fighting for the 8-hour-work-day. Or worse, he’s like—and these guys really get my goat: abolitionists. Remember them? “We’re against slavery!” Well, hotshots, we’ve still got slave labour, slave trafficking and all kinds of stuff, so where are you now? I suppose there are people fighting to end that too. Geezuz.

But Cap’n Paul Watson?

This prick is Gandhi on crack—and everyone knows what drugs do.

And you can see why he’s this way, too. Ask any true blooded neo-liberal or even a mealy-mouthed liberal (they’re from the same genus—they meant to say genius, but they mispelled it), and they’ll tell you: “Canada’s an inch from Communism,” and that’s where candy-ass Watson was “raised”—if you can call being “raised” by a Canadian, raised.

Canadians don’t “raise” children any more than factory farm animals “feel pain.” And Watson’s not even a real Canadian, anyway. I bet he would have been all up in arms about the Japanese internment, too. Anti-Canadian!

He needs to rein it in, man. You hear me, Watson? Stop chewing on your organic lettuce leaves and take note. The planet is fine. Write it down. By the way, where do you think ink comes from? Hypocrite.

And you think you’re so tough, don’t you? Well, how many Iraqi citizens have you killed, huh? And how many nuclear warheads have you created, huh? How many torturing dictators have you helped out? Have you ever been a corporation that acts neutral and then profits from slave wages and environmental degradation in another country? You don’t have the guts or the civility! Have you ever armed a genocidal government to protect your oil, diamonds, cobalt, slave trade or any other resource interests? I think “no, no, no, no, no!” would answer all of those questions, you uncivilized organic turnip!

You don’t even have a job, per se.

Let’s get into the environment then: How many small farmers and family farms have you put out of business by shouting for free trade while simultaneously subsidizing agribusiness multinationals with trillions of tax-payer dollars until the smaller farms are crushed? Oh, I forgot…you probably think food should be grown by people who care about food. What next? Breast-feeding in public?

How many wars have you fought for business reasons and claimed it’s for humanitarian reasons? I see a big fat zero, Paulie. Ass-kisser. And yet you quote The Art of War as some sort of cryptic motto: “Deception is the foundation of strategy.”

Deception? You’re a joke. A rookie. An ultra-maroon, a gulla-bull, a too-lousy Letrec. Get a mentor. I’ve got a few names for you—men of civility, who believe in stock portfolios, and getting minorities to fight their battles in foreign lands, you boat-ramming schmuck.

I’ll &%$#ing Farley Mowat you.


Oh, and for those who don’t know much about Mr Watson, here are some of the demented thoughts in his crazy head—incidentally, all from one brief “declaration” of how his “Society” isn’t an animal rights group and yet, mysteriously, they eat vegan meals and try to stop the slaughterings of animals:

The meat industry is one of the most destructive ecological industries on the planet. The raising and slaughtering of pigs, cows, sheep, turkeys and chickens not only utilizes vast areas of land and vast quantities of water, but it is a greater contributor to greenhouse gas emissions than the automobile industry.

[Note to Paulie: You can’t “slaughter” something that doesn’t feel anything. Okay? Factory farm animals don’t feel anything! And by the way, Henry Ford—who was a big fan of Hitler and vice-versa—got some of the inspiration for his assembly line production techniques from seeing factory-farm type slaughter-houses. So why don’t you just say you hate progress?]

The seafood industry is literally plundering the ocean of life and some fifty percent of fish [like you counted] caught from the oceans is fed to cows, pigs, sheep, chickens etc in the form of fish meal. It also takes about fifty fish caught from the sea to raise one farm-raised salmon.

[Now you’re against farming, too? Nice. And by the way, it might take fifty fish to to raise one farm-raised salmon, but it only takes one writer to say that you’re not only an idiot, you probably think that Tobacco Multinational giants like Phillip Morris or accused drug-smugglers RJ Reynolds or napalm and defoliant producing multinational seed-thief giants like Monsanto—whose main legal goals are by definition profit and monopoly at great human cost—probably aren’t the best institutions to utterly control the world food supply. Yeah. Figured as much.]

We have turned the domestic cow into the largest marine predator on the planet [probably an exaggeration—and by the way, cows live in factory farms, not oceans]. The hundreds of millions of cows grazing the land and farting methane consume more tonnage of fish than all the world’s sharks, dolphins and seals combined. Domestic housecats consume more fish, especially tuna, than all the world’s seals.

[Even if you’re right, I don’t agree. Anyway, did you ever think that maybe cows like fish? And by the way, there are, like, tons of fish left.

And here’s where Watson waxes philosophical—like our own consumption behaviours matter! And even if they do, it’s well known that suffering decreases if we describe ourselves as caring.]

So why is it that all the world’s large environmental and conservation groups are not campaigning against the meat industry? Why did Al Gore’s film Inconvenient Truth not mention the inconvenient truth that the slaughter industry creates more greenhouse gases than the automobile industry?

[Earth to Paul: Like Yasser Arafat and Henry Kissinger, Al Gore won the Nobel Prize, so he didn’t forget anything, so shut up. And Al fought bravely during the election debacle in Florida, which prevented Bush from getting into power and the bankrupting of a great country and the endless war that…well…anyway…shut up.]

The Greenpeace ships serve meat and fish to their crews everyday.

[The animals are already dead, Paul. Think about it. And how do you know the Green in Greenpeace doesn’t mean money just as much as it means environment? You don’t. You don’t, Paul, you don’t.]

The World Wildlife Fund does not say a word about the threat that meat eating poses for the survival of wildlife, the habitat destroyed, the wild competitors for land eliminated, or the predators destroyed to save their precious livestock.

[Maybe they haven’t seen the facts. And even if it’s horrendously hypocritical and utterly undermines their mandate, you can’t prove it. And not being rude is called manners, Paul—which is often equated with civilization. As is meat-eating. It’s called celebrating life, Paul, with family—not dwelling on the torture it took to produce that love.

Do you think it’s a coincidence that Britain was able to colonize most of the world through plunder, murder, racism and skill, while simultaneously being known as Beefeaters?

You probably do. Well it’s not a coincidence. It takes energy to colonize a country. Meat is energy.

Anyway, why do you equate meat eating with suffering?

And if Greenpeace, or the World Wildlife Fund, or the Sierra Club, or those big NGOs working to stop malnutrition in Africa, or Anti-Global Warming campaigners, or pet-lovers or whomever else, all eat all kinds of meat from tortured animals, and don’t worry about it, let alone say, “Enough!”, I would imagine your “theories” are probably wrong.

Just a thought, Paul, just a thought.

And by the way, a lot of people don’t like you. They don’t think like you, either. They might think that poisoning crops or bombing buildings and hospitals and houses and food supplies that children, parents and grandparents are dependent on or living inside is just what happens in life sometimes—and necessary even. They also might know it’s good for profits and getting rid of superfluous people and so on. But they also know that ramming another ship so it can’t slaughter whales is barbaric, not to mention inhumane and immature. Ships hurt too, you know.]

When I was a Sierra Club director [well, listen to the big shot] for three years, everyone looked amused when I brought up the issue of vegetarianism.

At each of our Board meeting dinners, the Directors were served meat [because they’re directors, Paul, trying to do their job, and if you don’t serve meat, the wealthy don’t come to the banquets and make donations] and only after much prodding and complaining did the couple of vegetarian directors manage to get a vegetarian option.

[By the way, the fact of you not getting your way—or not making people give a damn that massive environmental devastation and cruelty resulting from our eating habits is relevant—should show you there’s a difference between Director and CEO. You were a director, Paul. And the CEO is not obliged—even in an environmental organization—to equate meat eating with environmental waste, or suffering, or torture.

Not only that, it’s not like trillions of animals are tortured every year. It’s in the tens or maybe hundreds of billions of animals, Paul. And only millions of dogs and cats—and that’s mostly done by foreigners and scientists. And they’re not pet dogs. They’re dogs nobody wanted. Obviously. Otherwise we wouldn’t let it happen.

Not only that, Organic Boy, why would you want to stop billions of brutally treated animals raised for slaughter from producing waste, when waste is totally natural, even if it goes into the water? You want them to suffer and not produce waste? That’s just cruel.

Go back to elementary school and take Logic 101.

And finally, just because you think that pets and the animals we eat have a lot in common doesn’t mean it’s true. The most free country on earth was built on the premise that people who own the plantation feel a helluva lot more than those who work on the plantation. Oh, I forgot, you’d be an “abolitionist”, too. Not only that, when Germany realised that Germans feel a whole lot more than Jews, Germany was at the height of civilized culture and art, thank you very much. And cruelty doesn’t always result from the belief that other beings (or humans) feel less. Well, yeah, so far it does—but it doesn’t have to!

So don’t start equating pets with the animals we eat, okay? Or food with the environment.

How our food is produced and the environment in general have nothing to do with each other.]

At our meeting in Montana we were served buffalo and antelope, lobsters in Boston, crabs in Charleston, steak in Albuquerque etc. But what else can we expect from a “conservation” group that endorses trophy hunting.

[Hey, Paul, just a hint: trophies are made of metal—or plastic, which is environmentally unfriendly.]

As far as I know and I may be wrong, but my organization, the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is the only conservation organization in the world that endorses and practices vegetarianism. My ships do not serve meat or fish ever, nor do we serve dairy products. We’ve had a strictly vegan menu for years and no one has died of scurvy or malnutrition.

Yeah, not yet.

The price we pay for this is to be accused by other conservation organizations of being “animal rights.” Like it’s a bad word. They say it with the same disdain that Americans used to utter the word communist in the Fifties.

[Why are you so goddamn pro-Communist?

I actually can’t take any more of your anti-profit, anti-progress, anti-suffering, anti-factory-farm tirade—not from a guy who doesn’t even really have a job.

I’ll finish with a little more of his propaganda, and then that’s it—and my final line will really see what he’s made of.]

…that one 16 ounce cut of prime rib is equal to a thousand gallons of fresh water [how could the water be fresh if they’re shitting in it?], a few acres of grass, a few fish, a quarter acre of corn etc. What’s the point of taking a shorter shower to conserve water as Greenpeace is preaching if you can sit down and consume a 1000 gallons of water at a single meal?

[It’s called being clean, Paul. And I doubt it’s a thousand gallons. And even if it is, it’s not being poured out right in front of the person eating, nor are animals screaming, brutalized, or traumatized right at the table, nor do I see farmers forced from their land by subsidized free market multinational food-haters right outside the restaurant window, nor do I see fertile land in front of me turning into a desert, so it’s not the same.]

And that single cut of meat would have cost as much in vegetable resources equivalent to what could be fed to an entire African village for a week.

[UNICEF eats beef and rib or whatever at their big galas too, so there’s no way your last point is true, either, thank you. And you’re not Einstein. Gandhi on crack! Gandhi on crack!]

The problem is that we choose to see our contradictions when it is convenient for us to see them and when it is not we simply go into a state of suspended disbelief and we eat that steak anyway because, hey we like the taste of rotting flesh in the evening.

[Thank you, Aristotle. And you ram private property with private property! That’s a hypocritical contradiction. You probably would have done the same to slave ships, too, wouldn’t you? Admit it, wouldn’t you?

And don’t start suggesting animals are private property unto themselves. It’s natural to slaughter whales. It’s not natural to ram the ship that’s doing the slaughtering—and I thought you would have believed in “natural.”]

The bottom line is that to be a conservationist and an environmentalist, you must practice and promote vegetarianism or better yet veganism.

It is the lifestyle that leaves the shallowest ecological footprint, uses fewer resources and produces less greenhouse gas emissions, it’s healthier and it means you’re not a hypocrite.

[Speaking of shallow…

And for the last time, the rich eat really good meat because it’s a sign of being really rich—and the middle class like to feel that too. And the lower classes can get by with hamburgers and hot dogs—whatever they’re made of.

It’s this simple: No meat, no banquet. No banquet, no rich. No rich, no donations. No donations, no…well, no banquet. And then how would people even know that animals suffer and the environment is in trouble? Gandhi on crack, Gandhi on crack!]

In fact, a vegan driving a hummer would be contributing less greenhouse gas carbon emissions than a meat eater riding a bicycle.

[You can’t prove any of this, And so you’re pro-hummer? Is that what you’re saying? Hypocrite.

And for the last time, animals don’t suffer per se. Individually, maybe, but not if you torture and slaughter tens of billons, which was clearly explained by Joseph Stalin.

So you are an animal rights group lover, Paul. You are. You are—and yet you claim not to be. Ha ha!

And by the way, your last little note:

May be freely distributed, reproduced and published with permission of the writer.

I don’t need or want your permission. Come and get me: If you want to ram my house with your boat, go ahead.


A concerned citizen.

And for those who know me, sisters and brothers, lots of love—and may all beings, including yourself, even the cruel ones, feel a little more loved.

PS See Sharkwater.

PPS Love more.


34 Responses to “A note to PAUL WATSON of the SEA SHEPHERD SOCIETY: You’re fucking CRAZY!

  1. JasonG says:

    Hilarious! I love this post, Pete.
    And you’ll be pleased to know that I turned to the Dark Side (a vegetarian diet) about 6 months ago.

  2. Cheers, man. I felt a little bashful about the technique, so I’m grateful and relieved for the sweet words. I hope it’s exuberantly clear. And may you enjoy the freedom of the Dark Side. Refinement, awareness, humility, love, lettuce, laughter—yeah, lots of laughter.

    Pete xo

  3. Erynn says:

    ZOMG!!!11!!!!ELEVENTY!!!! Did somebody put TOFU in your hamburgers?

    Oh, the agony!


  4. I laughed while I wrote, actually, by what spontaneously came out by pretending to take a certain belief system. A lot! Either somebody spiked my Tofu shake, or I just felt even more sorry, hopeless and sad than usual for what a person might be thought crazy for doing, like risking his life to defend certain (sometimes endangered) animals being brutally, mindlessly, endlessly butchered, compared to what is considered not crazy in the civilized world, like the sanctioned and “legal” killing of civilians by the hundreds of thousands, blowing up their homes and lives and communities for business interests, mass incarceration for non-violent vices, the torture of billions of animals for our eating pleasure—with non-animal food all around—and so on.

    In fact, the hypocrisy of the truth were so uber-absurd, I didn’t know how else to write it. Truly, how can a conservasionist club so freely serve meat, and not see the irony, or an environmental, Nobel-prize winning film not mention the environmental hazards of the meat factory-farm culture, and feel integrous?

    Plus I like to be at least a little bit unpredictable to you—a mystery of sorts, of rare moods and sock colours.

    Sorry if it was too harsh, because I love ya! It was supposed to be drastically ironic, funny and somehow charming, alas…

    Pete xoxo

  5. Erynn says:

    Oh, trust me, I knew it was irony/satire. I was just wondering what triggered such a sharp outburst of such in your usually sedate style ;)

    Obviously it was Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle.

  6. It’s true, I’ve been feeling a little fiery. Actually, I think I might blog (shortly and sweetly) about it!—although certainly (in an uncertain way) Heisenberg’s principle played a role. xo

  7. […] Admittedly, I was a little satirically fiery in the last post regarding the relentlessly passionate Paul Watson. […]

  8. Sim says:

    Wow! You are truly a deluded man. Irrespective of whether you like Paul Watson or not you have your head so far in the sand about the state of this world it will never come up. Your ranting is totally childish. Of course there are going to be two points of view where conservation of the planet is concerned. As much as I’m sad about the demise of the plants and animals on this planet because of our actions, I’m glad that I’ll be able to say (particularly to people like yourself)…” I told you so”. Just to see the look in your eyes.

  9. This is certainly a different approach. I like it. Well done. Not that I care a flying F**K one way or the other. lol.



  10. Tiffany Dean says:

    Pete McCormack, I think I love you. Thank you for writing this.

  11. what was that about BREASTFEEDING IN PUBLIC?!?!?! is that offensive to you? that was TOTALLY uncalled for.

  12. Suzie says:

    “How our food is produced and the environment in general have nothing to do with each other.”

    Really?? If that’s true, please tell me how that “food” aka plants and animals survive. Because I was under the impression that they survive and flourish thanks to water (from the atmosphere in the form of rain) and air (which is part of the atmosphere) and by food (plants that use rain and air to photosynthesize nutrients and fiber that keep the animals alive).

    So again, how can one exsist without the other? I don’t see any cows floating around in space having a marvelous time. Nor do I see corn growing on the moon, with it’s small amount of atmosphere.

    “It’s natural to slaughter whales. It’s not natural to ram the ship that’s doing the slaughtering—and I thought you would have believed in “natural.”

    Really? Again, you think it’s “natural” to go out on a manufactured boat into sub-zero freezing temperatures to fire off huge steel harpoons at huge creatures that live in the ocean, while humans “naturally” don’t live anywhere within 2000 miles of where they are hunting? Sure, native Americans hunted whales, but their “natural” technology didn’t set “quotas” and did kill hundreds of the whales. The way the whalers impliment their slaughter now is completely UNnatural, and completely unneccessary. We have enough food in this world, and the technology to feed EVERYONE. Why we don’t utlitize it is beyond me, and probably related to males arguing about penis size and ramming their heads into each other like teenage sheep. The amazing thing to me is that you took SO MUCH time out of your day to be a total dick to someone who hasn’t done shit to you. Way to go, big boy. I bet your cock is 4 inches longer now, and your “male bravado” is intact. I bet you get a lot of girls, posting mean blogs about people who don’t give a shit about you. LOL

    You’re the sort of sad creep that goes to strip clubs and brags out his “blog”. HAHAH. LAME.

    One last thing,

    “Oh, I forgot…you probably think food should be grown by people who care about food. What next? Breast-feeding in public?”

    OMG OH NOES!! Heaven forbid a breast be used for what it was intended for–feeding children. I’m sorry you’re too much of a male chauvanist to understand that female bodies weren’t built for YOU or your male interest. They were biologically constructed to be sturdy for living and to produce and nurture the prodgeny of our species. They CERTAINLY aren’t bodies that YOU should have any say over–if a woman wants to feed her child in public, who the FUCK do you think you are to tell her she can’t, or that it’s gross or out of line, as you imply here, with your choice of word and sentance placement. Seriously. I’m not sure if you haven’t ever seen a woman’s breast yet or what, but if you ever did see one, you’d understand that there is this thing called a “nipple” that is specifically designed for feeding children. That’s “natural”, if you wanna go on and bring that argument into this.

    Using that logic: it’s “natural” to slaughter a huge creature that lives in the ocean, but it’s not natural for a woman to feed her baby in a public place? Have you ever SEEN the National Geographic covers/stories? In native, primative cultures, women walk around topless. They fuck in public. They menstrate in public, the give birth in public, and they feed their babies in public. Your over empowered, entitled male ego is disgusting. You are so misguided that you feel killing whales is more natural than breastfeeding. SICK.

    Not to mention your tons of racist, bigoted, anti-Semetic (“Jews don’t have feelings!”) diatrabe. Sure, you are entitled to be the biggest douche on the planet and still have opinions, but you aren’t entitled to voice those opinions in an open environment and expect everyone to agree with you, and to not attack you with hostile words when you use such a hostile tone yourself.

    Utlimately, I do feel pity for you. It must suck to go through life with such anger and hate for all these groups of people: animal-rights, feminists, racial equality activists, anti-war protestors, anti-Nazis, hippies, ect. Is there anyone you DO love?? You allude to a vague “love” at the end, but that is a) not going to make up for all your vile BS in the 15 paragraphs above and b) isn’t geared toward anyone at all.

    I have a feeling the only thing you love is yourself. Which isn’t a bad thing, but when that love is the ONLY love you feel, and it’s so overwhelmingly blocking out all reason and reality, you really should get it checked out by a shrink. You desperately need a session or two on that couch, I can tell you that with 100% certainty.

  13. Suzie says:


    Is it worse to be talked about and valid, or ignored and deemed totally worthless? I’d take the first one, although I’m sure you’ll fall into obscurity soon and hence, the second one.

    Oh and if you wanna come find my house and ram into it with your wildly faliling arms and gaping hole of a mouth, feel free. Like you, I’m not afraid to “hide”. I don’t have any penis to duel you with though, so maybe in your mysgonist world, I don’t even deserve to own this house, or to even own a car. Am I allowed to show my breasts in public for money, like I do? Or does PETE WHATS HIS NAME not allow it? Cuz, you know, PETE THE DICK is god right?? HE dictates EVERYTHING cuz he’s SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO smart!

    Smart, and afraid of pussy. Afraid of being a pussy and standing up for anything at all, except for hatred and universal self loathing.

    oh SNAP.

  14. My friends,

    I am being sarcastic!—in fact I could not be more sarcastic if I tried. I even have a disclaimer at the beginning. Paul himself read it and liked it. I am a vegetarian. And if I was to eat meat, I would only eat vegetarians. Breastfeeding is beautiful. Paul fights on behalf of unprotected whales, where international laws against whaling and for their protection are clearly not enforced. Indeed, they are mocked, manipulated and spat on.

    Here are a few essays you all might like:



    Anti-colonialism segment from a film of mine http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pw12KGSj53k

  15. Breastfeeding is a wondrous art. I was being extraordinarily sarcastic.

    Pete xo

  16. okay Pete thanks! yes, as nature intended.

  17. Tiffany Dean says:

    Sarcasm or seriousness, this is a hilarious blog. And for those of us who think Watson really IS fucking crazy, well, you don’t seem to realize how poignant some of your sarcasm ended up being :-) And Paul is full of something, but I certainly wouldn’t describe it as “guts”.

  18. David Deutsch says:

    I was going to post a comment saying that I couldn’t possibly believe anyone would take this seriously, than I read some of the comments. Now I’m depressed :(

  19. Devon says:

    The Sea Shepherd Society doesn’t fit the profile of “brave and valiant people” and or anyone else who use propaganda, misinformation and outright lies as a tools to entice the uninformed out of their hard earned paychecks.

  20. TRUE BLUE says:

    I was going to say fantastic at last someone has Waton sussed out in a blog no less how right you are then I read you were being ‘sarrcarrstic’ what a massive bummer when every tacky nasty word you wrote and said was in fact gods truth.

  21. Dustin Johnson says:

    wow. lame.
    Your victim was Paul Watson. how could anyone have bloched it this bad?
    the guys an egotisitcal brick who spews more green house gases than a Ford F-250 just commuting around town. He’s disconnected and clearly makes no attempt to understand someone else’s plot. He constantly tells others to check their facts without ever checking his own if not just pulling words out of thin air while arguing with everyone. The guy needs to be shot already (nonlethal of course. best shot would graze his voicebox with no other damage.) In this essay you spend so much time chasing your own tail you hardly ever make a decent point that isn’t diluted beyond recconciliation.

  22. Katherine says:

    Tiffany and the rest of the Sea Shepherd haters,

    If it does not affect you, why do you care so much? You should all take a flying leap of the empire state building! You should be glad that people in the world are out there trying to make a difference, since you sloths are obviously lazy pieces of shit. Ignorance is bliss though. I guess while you put that meat or fish in your mouth, you do not have to think about the torture that went into it (until, you have Paul reminding you of it) then of course that angers you. Seriously, get a life and let the people who actually give a shit about the future of this planet and our children alone.

  23. Jonny says:

    Still funny as shit after all these months… once again I noticed that Paul Watson admirers are utterly incapable of formulating one logical argument. Paul Watson himself is a lazy sloth. Paul Watson himself is blissfully ignorant. Paul Watson is an obese fucking non-Vegan pig. Paul Watson fatso tortures human beings… including animals. Paul Watson is the very picture of unadulterated out of control… that fatso needs anger management class. Paul Watson needs a real life as well… more so than anyone. Paul Watson the pathological liar only give a shit about his fame whoring ways and how he can line his bank account. In short, that fat motherfucker doesn’t give a shit about this planet. And the future of any children does not depend on the population of minke whales.

  24. Jonny says:

    Unadulterated out of control anger of Paul Watson cannot be hidden.

  25. Chris says:

    Paul’s awesome.

  26. Bob Croon says:

    Paul is a truly amazing man. His crew manages to foul their own props,oops nice job. Then comes the ADY, another idiot who keeps crew on the deck with a ship bearing down on them and then waits to be hit! Then the man cries as it sinks. A real asset to the team. Ever wonder why volunteers rarely return? They realize they need a real job and are led by a lunatic. Plus scared to death to find out what open water is really like. Still don’t know why the Japanese don’t send a sub with a couple of well aimed torpedoes. Ever see PAUL go out on the out boats and bounce across the waves? Paul is dangerous to the green horns who don’t have a clue what their doing. This man and show need to bite the dust before one or all of his crew gets hurt or killed. I wouldn’t sign my Life away. Only reason he makes everyone sign off is so he can’t be sued. What’s the value of a human compared to a whale?

  27. Ashlyn Haines says:

    Wow, this guys is seriously deluded if he thinks animals dont feel anything.

  28. ifucknhateu says:

    you are one motherfucker and i wish someone put you in a meat factory and cutopen your throat! how dumb are you??? and hoe dumb are all the people believing your shit??you don’t show any scientific proof you idiot.it’s just the useless opinion of one motherfucker that the world doesn’t need! fuckin get your facts straight

  29. ifucknhateu says:

    okokok im very sorry…just read the comments.

  30. Wim Pol says:

    Vegans. What a deluded lot. Why do you think we have omnivorous dentals?

  31. Wim Pol says:

    Oh great, now my comment is “awaiting moderation”… We’re all so open minded that uncensored critisism is not allowed? You lot deserve to be in mr. Watson’s camp!

  32. Wim Pol says:

    And furthermore, it is an obvious sign on the wall that the writer of this blog shoud explain that he is being sarcastic – excellent insight into the mental capacity of the “followers”.
    And I am not even a native English speaker…

  33. Wim Pol says:

    And yes, I know it ought to be “should”…

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