Yesterday I had the pleasure of interviewing the charming Sir Heny Cooper, the 74-year old former British and Commonwealth Heavyweight Champion. Sir Henry is the only living person to have fought Muhammad Ali before he was champion, as Cassius Clay (1963), and after Ali was champion (1966).

Interestingly, and by his own cockney-accented admission, Sir Henry is “a monarchist” who doesn’t think much of presidents and prime ministers.

I thought that was ironic, and at the same time revealing.

I’m not sure I understand his monarchist leanings (although the royal family has been good to Sir Henry, knighting him, OBEing him—when the Empire was an Empire—and having him for breakfast on many occasions, so that might be a hint. Further, the working class often have a great affection for royalty who, barring some sort of miracle/lottery, live as they never will—in this lifetime, anyway.

Either way, although not in any way a monarchist myself, I do have sympathy for Sir Henry’s thoughts about most presidents and prime ministers.


With the interview over and moving on to Earnie “the Acorn” Shavers, one of the hardest punchers in boxing history, do I know what makes a person go into boxing? No, for we are highly complex beings. But demographically, poverty, class and/or race prejudices are virtually guaranteed to be involved in choosing pugilism as profession—in fact, I can think of no exception, although there surely are one or two.

Hardly a surprise that such demographics might lead to viscerally aggressive ways to make a wage (as opposed to some of the less obvious white-collar methods of aggression: exploitation of people and environmental massacre).


So what is the cause?

Well, according to recent evidence, it turns out that obsession-with-profit-by-any-means-possible and what makes the stock market go round and round, causing for some great wealth and for most great inflation, is a hyper-masculinized, hormonally-perpetuating impulse taking its marching orders from the pusherman known as testosterone.

In other words, this drug more dangerous than crack, this neo-reefer madness known as testosterone (or Crystal Test) makes unknowing addicts in $5000 suits helpless to believe they are following freedom’s call and the path of all things capitalistically righteous—when in fact they are mainlining their drug of choice (say hello to your root chakra), and through this reckless, degrading behaviour (known as living) create more and more inflation.

Yes, it would appear the Downtown Easide in Vancouver, known for its off-the-wall drug user statistics, has discovered its mirror image. There is an anemy, and the enemy is us.

Aaah! Lock up your children!

An excerpt from Testosterone Fuels Stock Market Success:

Each trader’s testosterone levels were higher on days when profits exceeded his one-month daily average than on other days. With elevated testosterone, traders may experience more confidence and risk-taking appetite—qualities that could bolster trading performance, the researchers suggest.

But there’s also a down-side. Too much testosterone or prolonged elevation could lead to impulsive decisions and extreme risk-taking, the researchers say, turning a trader’s profits into losses.

The full article is here:

I’ve always had an inkling that this insane cycle and addiction to profit-mongering (and perhaps consumption, in both meanings of the word) had very little to do with free will, libertarian ideals, exercising democracy, Rush Limbaugh’s tirades or good old fashioned capitalism, as most media suggest.

And perhaps in desolate countries where these profits are unattainable, different sorts of more obvious violence are inevitable. A man at least needs a job to feel worthy of the space he is taking up.

For the record, I would imagine that fervent, hyper-masculinized totalitarian communists, extremist religious fundamentalists and high-powered politicians get similar boosts of hormones when they feel they know everything, and have a right to control those who don’t.

Alas, it is neither wisdom nor character that makes this world go round: it is Homo Economicus, and it comes down to needing that kundalini hit that is somehow related to testosterone, if not the same thing.

Side-effects include massive wealth and parties with the beautiful people, and an inability to avoid repeating the same mistakes over and over.

My friends, we miraculous humans dwell inside a baffling and complex half-closed, half-open energetic system—this body—to which we give names names like Robert, Tatania or Abdul, and consider self.

Cycle your energy! Say no to insider trading! Tantra forever! Good luck!

Love to you all, my pumped up sisters and brothers,

Pete xox


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