Changing the name from the White House to the Red House: All in Favor…?

You know I’m serious about that idea when I consciously choose to use the American spelling of favor. It’s favour in Canada.

Anyway, here it is, Ladies and Gentlemen:


Being so far in debt (very Red)—some 11 trillion paper dollars—and now offering legislated socialism (very Red) for the desperate yet rich (via the tax-payer), we propose (me and the friends in my head) that the White House be forced to change its name to the Red House.

The proposed idea will be enacted and held until the following five demands are fulfilled:

1) Some sort of economic plan that involves intelligence on behalf of citizens, the environment and reality is put forward.

2) Until the noose (sometimes self-imposed) is removed from the tax-payers’ neck (Red with Fury and Strangulation).

3) Ideas of monetary reform and the absurdity of the never-ending printing of paper money becomes part of everyday consciousness.

4) Informative and honest information outside the usual box is offered as something that is always done—even in a small booklet. A little red book, maybe.

5) Christopher Hitchens gives up scotch. Okay, okay, Christopher Hitchens considers giving up scotch.



All in favour say “Red!”

Also, I like this comment from William Greider:

Formal economists will scoff, but poets often see realities the bean counters fail to recognize.

I think that’s a great idea. Imagine a poet, say Leonard Cohen—okay, he’s Canadian. But imagine if a poet had to come up with the plan.


With handouts from lap-dog Ben Bernanke*
All the bankers keep living swanky
Citizens petition and start a mailout
An ad campaign to stop the bailout
The people cry: “Stop this deformation!
We demand monetary reformation!”
What that means I’ve not a clue
But something tells me that it’s true
Instead of the lying Fed or Obama
Why not a poet or the Dalai Lama?
In trying to fix the lies and strife
Instead of ‘Growth’ choose ‘Quality of Life!’
‘Cause what they’re selling is pure bunk
And without a change our credit’s sunk
And I know this poem is pure crap
But dammit, friends, we need a better map!
To try and figure where we’re goin’
Maybe we should call Leonard Cohen
He knows at least as much as Ben
Plus with a decent grasp of zen
He couldn’t possibly make things worse
Plus he’d do it all in verse
And if the answer he doesn’t know it?
He’ll recommend a smarter poet
Or Jeffrey Armstrong, that mystic bard
He’ll scribe those liars long and hard
Their addiction to growth and fossil fuels
In debt to economic schools
Sisters, brothers, we must think wider
As such, I’m down with William Greider
When a trillion dollars has no meaning
It’s from these liars we all need weaning
And doing so, perhaps we’ll see
A deeper truth to set us free

THE END (of something)

*Ben Bernanke is the unelected Chairman of the Federal Reserve, replacing the unelected Alan Greenspan. After decades of knowing everything, Greenspan summed up the collapse: “We’re not smart enough as people. We just cannot see events that far in advance.”

Heck, my dad knew it was coming, with the banks, fractional reserve banking, the printing of unbacked money and inconceivable debt etc etc.

Keep dreaming. As Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” I guess that depends on what is imagined. Because somebody is imagining right now that this bailout, proposed by the people who caused the problem, might actually help.

That is actually the definition of insane.

Oh, speaking of William Greider, for those who want to be active, in conversation with Bill Moyers, he mentions a little protest on April 11th. I’m not sure what they stand for exactly, but they think not much of the current parties.

And only a moron wouldn’t agree with that, at least in part, the Messiah-ship endowed upon Barak Obama notwithstanding.

Lots of love to you,



2 Responses to “Changing the name from the White House to the Red House: All in Favor…?”

  1. Sandiji says:

    Hi Pete…

    You tell ’em! Maybe someone out there is listening.

    I read in the Amsterdam paper a few days ago that the UK gave a trillion dollars to the UK banks earmarked for small business loans to spark that section of society. A comment from a UK accountant says that NONE of his clients received any of the loans nor did he know anyone who had. The applications were taken and then no one ever heard back. He later found out that the banks were “rolling over” the funds to already existing customer loans they had –in order of course to further protect themselves.

    Having just come back from Amsterdam –where a cup of coffee is $7. and an average main course is 27Euro ($52) Veggies, salad, dessert and coffee are all extra! I guess Canada isn’t so bad — but I can tell you Europe is REALLY hurting from buying all those USA mortgages!

    BTW — If someone gave up meat for ONE meal a week they would save $1000 per year. Europe might want to consider that!

    Love you…S

  2. Lovely Sandiji,

    Great comments. It’s the old bait-and-switch. And it qualifies, I think, for Naomi Klein’s Shock Doctrine thesis. Bernanke and Paulson actually met with politicians on a Friday, I think—no one had heard of the problem to this degree—and said if you don’t fork up 700 billion, we won’t have an economy by Monday! That is a sick statement on the fact that, they already, clearly then, didn’t have an economy!

    Watch this first five minutes on PBS

    And since the Shock wave, trillions now going to who knows who, and the public, footing the bill, how can we even have a clue? It’s amazing.

    Gosh, I love ya. And I’m all over the less meat idea—and the European cow, for the record, is wildly subsidized. Free market, right?

    Pete xoxoxo

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