The market paradigm does not look at the water cycle. It begins with cash…When you function in an ecological paradigm you value water but you don’t price it. Because it is in fact priceless. In a market paradigm you price water but you don’t value it.
—Vandana Shiva

If you haven’t seen the documentary FLOW (For Love of Water), I cannot recommend it highly enough. It’s deeply informative, and reminds us (once again!) of the realities of a world where everything is for sale. And when transient natural resources absolutely vital to existence, and the common good (water), are owned, the situation becomes dire.

If battles over oil have shaken everything—and killed so many citizens—imagine what will happen and is already happening with the scarcity and ownership of water and the ownership of food.

This is the case with the rise of water as a commodity. Already in countless places (Bolivia, India even Michigan), the dare I say ‘psycopathic behaviour’ of certain multinationals has manifested.

See the FLOW trailer here.

And here’s an interview with Vandana Shiva (Water Wars), who relentlessly embodies the Indian goddess Bhumi (Mother Earth).


By the way, if you drink bottled water in a place where the tap water is potable and healthy, you are almost certainly being both duped and manipulated, and supporting companies and ideologies that, when revealed, make the skin crawl—and will undoubtedly push us closer to more wars and mass uprisings.

Penn and Teller get it right—and reveal a little human nature.

And the bottle water you drink is independently monitored exorbitantly less—virtually not at all—than public water.

These multinational companies that own so much of our food and water want, by definition, to get you hooked on the bottle. They even often want to own (and do own) rainwater, making the collection of it illegal, even for those with no access to potable water (see Bolivia and Bechtel, actually called Water Wars; see the dignity of village women fighting Coke in Plachimada, India. For me, the cruelty knows no visible bounds—and it is only for reasons I’ll never know, that I was born in a place with access to potable water.

Bottled water is a long term and short term disaster, environmentally, health-wise, ideologically and for freedom.

And who is telling you that bottled water is the way to go? Among others, those great health conscious, consumer advocate multinationals like Coke, Pepsi and Nestlés.

Muchas gracias.

It really makes me sick. Thank God for the incredible human spirit for rights and dignity and organizations like the the Global Water Justice Movement.

See also the film Blue Gold (I haven’t yet seen it). Both features feature that Canadian treasure for human rights and the voiceless, the indefatigable Maude Barlow.

Can you imagine how much the ‘food’ of these multinational companies contribute to Type II diabetes all over the world? How much nutritional vacuous garbage they pawn of as food? Nestlés, of course, are legendary for their pushing of infant formula in the Third World, a recognized disaster because it stops women breast feeding (the milk dries up), the cost of formula is exorbitant for the poor, and it leads children to drink and die from the often unclean water needed to mix formula.

Please watch FLOW and BLUE GOLD, if you can.

An excerpt from FLOW of an interview with John-Luc Touly, who I believe was an accountant at Vivendi/Veolia, a huge water, waste management and energy multinational:

“These [giant water companies] date back 150 years. And they were created by bankers. This is what we need to know…

The progressive language of the multinationals is truly scandalous.”

And to recall as one needs to do over and over, just how hand in glove so many of these Power groups are:

“When the President of the World Water Council who organizes all the forums that glorify the multinationals is none other than the president of a Marseilles water company owned 50% by Vivendi, 50% by Suez…?

And when you understand that Michel Camdessus, the former president of the IMF, has as his two most important advisers the two vice-presidents of Suez and Vivendi…?

No need to say anymore. It’s all controlled…corrupted. The only thing is people don’t know about it.”

Well now we know a little more. Be vigilant, be beautiful. Love more, love wider. And at the very least, let’s try to spend our dollars intelligently, vigilantly and politically. That actually is a vast part of whatever power we as citizens in the West have.

Pete xo


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