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Asked about whether you need to know the ending of your novel or screenplay before writing your beginning, I consulted J.K Rowling, Toni Morrison, John Irving and Stephen King before I was reminded of what Ed O'Neill told me about cage fighting in an interview I did with him for the documentary I Am Bruce Lee. Who knew cage fighting and writing were similar?

Little known fact: Ed O'Neill had a black in jiu-jitsu. Don't mess with Ed.

There are so many tips and techniques and ideas around writing. But if you don't feel confident, it's hard to put that pen to page. Believe in yourself. Confidence is essential for flow. And we all deserve creative flow.

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Updated: Nov 7, 2021

We all need feedback, a bouncing pad, people to witness our creations. Many are afraid of it, for good reason. Some crumble. If you're a writer—or any kind of creator—at some point you've got to put your work out there. Then you have to climb over what comes back (and sometimes listen and sometimes celebrate) to get to the top of your own little mountain. I don't know what this review was for, but it's a beauty. I don't just do dull. I do "powerfully dull." Anybody got some legendary feedback/reviews they want to share (and possibly get over)?

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That's the title of my new, nearly finalized book on the writing process, tips, prompts, stories, trivia, you name it, all to inspire my fellow writers. You! I've got a book on songwriting being finalized, too. Very soon! In the meantime, I'm going to paste encouraging words from the books, maybe even daily. Maybe on multiple platforms. Subscribe to my site or YouTube Channel and get all kinds of advantages, free films, music, newsletters, spam. Everything. Onwards, with enthusiasm. As for the tip of the day, try to hold all these things lightly, and enjoy the process. I'm not saying I do that, but I'm working on it.

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