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Courses and Questions

Okay, the site is just underway so there are no courses yet. Don't get mad. I have to find out specifically what you and other word-loving creatives want and need. And what I need to encourage my fellow writers and songwriters the most. But I would love to do courses once we get everything rolling.  In the meantime, I do have two new books already here—Hey, Writer and Hey, Songwriter—and lots of videos and posts and prompts and creative conversations coming daily and weekly. 

In your creative journey,  what questions do you have? I'd love to hear them. Let me throw out some questions that might prompt your questions.

Do you feel something lacking in your skillset or knowledge of the craft? Do you want to improve those skills in a way that is both inspiring and productive?

Is a lack of confidence or self-esteem holding you back? Does a lack of time discourage you from going deeper on your creative  journey?

Do you want to learn how to overcome those negative voices? 

Would you like to find ways to steamroll forward when you're running out of gas.

If you're trying to be artistically creative for a living, do you feel outside the business/money machine? Do you feel you've reached a ceiling? 

Do you want to find ways to reinvigorate the writing process? Be more original?

Those are  prompts to help you find your questions. A tip for these questions (which also works for creative ideas) is to take what you've read here, recombine them in some way that might connect one to another, and send me your own questions that I can answer on video or blog or in person.















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Send Your Creative Questions

Thanks for any interesting or brave or simple questions. I'll try to answer either personally or on a video lesson / in the books / or in a blog.

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