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Welcome Friends, to the Deep Spirituality Page™

The Deep Spirituality Page™ is proud to announce its coming soon-money-back-guaranteed course in complete Liberation or Salvation depending on whether your worldview is East or West. If it’s North or South, call a plumber.

Led by an "Enlightened Master"™ (scroll down for FREE! downloadable image), the Liberation package (called This Is Unreal! ™) includes a Buddha-sized bed, plenty of incense and a soaker tub that fits the entire universe.

The Salvation package (called What A Relief! ™) offers an All You Can Eat Buffet of real infidels and pay per view TV with a never-before-seen stream of honest televangelists.

The two paths share a casino called “Never The Twain Shall Meet” (formerly When Hell Freezes Over—before that, Louie’s).

From May through June—Thursday to Monday—St. Paul is the featured act, reading from a selection of his most popular letters, in a show called “You Dumb Ass Goyim.” The opening act is Rumi twirling endlessly while reading his badly translated poetry (Gravol suggested).

July to September is Krishna and Friends doing a re-enactment of his self-penned musical play: “The Mahabarata War or Must I Explain This Til I'm Blue in the Face?" The opening act is Buddha, doing absolutely nothing, in a show called         ™.


Also coming soon—or it may already be here—is an interview I did on Spirituality. It’s very deep—in fact so deep I have no idea what I’m talking about. There is within it an encoded message for those who wish to go deeper into the esoteric. You know who you are.

This is a picture of me, circa 1995™, trying to figure out if there is a God, or if I am God™, and if so, why do I look like this? I am at this extraordinary moment 28.712 seconds from Enlightenment™.


"Twenty-eight Seconds to Enlightenment"

This Collector’s Item™ is the first ever filming of an Enlightened Master’s “Head Chakra Actually Blowing Off™.”

Only available at The Store™ (Big Pete’s Liberation Surplus), it can be yours! for:

4'X3' Limited Edition Devotional Print: $129.99 (unframed)
8"X10" (Glossy Finish, signed): $19.99
Wallpaper (Temporarily out of Stock): $49.99/roll



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