Thanks for plugging in. There are a lot of disparate topics here, soon to be rearranged onto separate pages with colourful icons that seduce the reader. But for now it's all basically divided into a website and a well-worn blog (as much essays as blogs). By the way, thanks for reading, too. Without more knowledge, how can one sanely navigate on this wondrous planet? Hopefully, some things here are of service for ideas or humour or just getting your reading up to snuff.

Here are a few Most Populars or Least Unpopulars

Most Popular Essays: Decolonizing God, Thirteen Screenwriting Rules That Can Never Be Broken (except when they're broken really well), Genocidosis, A Meating of Hearts and Minds, South Vietnam, Diem, America, the Pentagon Papers, Noam Chomsky and even Malcolm X: The Vietnam War from 1959 to 1963, and differing views.

Most Popular Posts: An Open Letter To Richard Dawkins, A Note To Paul Watson: You're Fucking Crazy!, The Sweet Science: Boxing and Getting One's Head Examined, Canada In Afghanistan: The US in Iraq, George Orwell, National Interests, and Keeping an Eye on the Memory Hole , Barbara Lee, Tribalism and the Evolution of Sport

Most Popular Videos: Colonialism in Ten Minutes: The Scramble for Africa, Darfur in Ten Minutes: An Overview of the Conflict in Sudan, HIV/AIDS in Africa: A 10 Minute Overview, An Organic Farm in India: Manure, Life and the Bio-fuel Miracle of the Cow

Interviews: I've had the good fortune to interview a lot of cool folks, but only a few are transcribed:

Noam Chomsky, Samantha Power, Mahmood Mamdani, Stephen Lewis. And a slightly different one: Milking Ol' Betsy (For All She's Worth) . Oh, and a couple of my own:

On the Creative Process (Written): Part I, Part II.
Interviewed (video): The High Bar (Seattle)—Boxing, War on Drugs, UFC, Libertarianism.

For what it's worth: FACING ALI TRAILER

Oh, and here are ten (no longer) new songs.

Vasudaiva Kutumbakam (Sanskrit for: We're all in this together). Lots of love to you,

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