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Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Hey everybody. I recently launched a website dedicated to inspiring your writing—writing of all kinds, novel-writing, non-fiction, songwriting—and part of maximizing that process for me is FINISHING writing my songs and recording them, quickly, even if there's no audience. Just to say, "Hey, I was here." The key there for me is to finish and move on. A Different Kind of Freedom is a song inspired by flashes of remembering growing up in a small town in Canada surrounded by nature—and being able, even as an eight or ten year-old, to leave for the whole day with no phone, no plan, no explanation and no forwarding address. And coming home alive, for dinner.

Anyway, this is the song. If you grew up in the imperfect 1970s, imperfect for so many reasons, you might still remember some of the good stuff, the Different Kind of Freedom stuff. I also did a video describing the creative process to write this song and how it could work for you in other areas of the writing process. Let me know if it inspires you in writing or songwriting. Are you feeling creatively inspired? Fulfilled? Getting stuff finished? Check out the videos and hopefully they help. Let me know.


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