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Borrow from the GREATS

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Hope all is creatively rolling. If not, just say what my mom would say: "Fuck it." I'm just finishing a video on JAWS—you'll see—and I'm excited about it. That film was influential for me as a kid in multiple ways. And it didn't even scare me from swimming. Remember how some kids wouldn't even go in a pool. I'm also doing a video on inspiration, and a couple of classic space songs (Rocket Man and Space Oddity) and I read recently that Bernie Taupin, the legendary lyricist for Elton John, wrote Rocket Man (one of my all-time favourites) after reading Ray Bradbury's short story The Rocket Man. The Rocket Man! I loved reading that. So wonderfully inspired, inspiration being the engine of the creative process. Are you getting enough inspiration? Immerse yourself in art that moves you. I talk a lot about that inspiration in the writing and songwriting books I recently finished, and explain it a little in the video below.


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