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Borrowing from the Greats with Gratitude

Hope all is creatively rolling. It's early in the YouTube video journey but thanks for the love and kind words so far. I'm just finishing a video on JAWS—you'll see—and I'm excited about it. That film was influential for me as a kid in multiple ways. And it didn't even scare me from swimming. Remember how some kids wouldn't even go in a pool. I'm also doing a video on inspiration, and a couple of classic space songs (Rocket Man and Space Oddity) and I read recently that Bernie Taupin, the legendary lyricist for Elton John, wrote Rocket Man (one of my all-time favourites) after reading Ray Bradbury's short story The Rocket Man. The Rcket Man! I loved reading that. So wonderfully inspired, inspiration being the engine of the creative process. Are you getting enough inspiration? Immerse yourself in art that moves you. I talk a lot about that inspiration in the writing and songwriting books I recently finished, and explain it a little in the video below.

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