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Lighting Your Artistic Creative Process on Fire

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

That's one of my dreams and for the record I don't sleep well. In the next hour or two, I'll start posting ideas, tips, prompts, videos and books all about the artistic creative process, mine and yours—novel writing, screenplays, songwriting, non fiction, filmmaking and highland dance, possibly. There will be no highland dance. I live in the lowlands. I plan to enjoy doing it. The conversations, interviews and lesson ideas will be on my blog and most actively on my youtube page here. My bio is here to prove, if nothing else, I'm not a robot. My website is here. May it inspire your talent and dreams. If you have any questions, write me. Talk soon and welcome.

This is me writing a song, wishing we were collaborating—all while thinking about my next novel, book 2 of a trilogy, My Last Friends on Earth (here's an excerpt from Book 1) and a documentary I'm hopefully directing in 2022 on the history of the mega franchise Star Trek and its inimitable creator, Gene Roddenberry. Hey, Shatner just went into space! Multi-tasking is challenging. So is launching a website and a YouTube channel. But inspiring your artistic creativity (and mine) is my dream and worth it. Let's go.


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