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Updated: Sep 9, 2023

When we were making the documentary Facing Ali, I had the honour and nostalgic joy of interviewing ten heavyweight legends. Joe Frazier was at the top of that mountain of champions. Joe was the first fighter to defeat Muhammad Ali and his main nemesis in the ring. There was a moment in my interview with Smokin' Joe when I thought I might lose the interview. Just the way Joe stared me down and then asked me something...and stared more, waiting for the answer. Preparation helped me get off the canvas. The video is about how Joe reminded me how important research and preparation is for the writing process and life. Are you a researcher? Big on preparation? Or do you just go off the cuff? I don't have the talent for that...

Hope you like Joe as much as I did. Don't make him mad. Ali did, and it didn't go well.


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