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Little Dreamers

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

Sorry, it's been a while, Believe it or not, the mechanisms of this Wix blog and its intricacies continue to baffle me. Anyway, enough about the scourge of technology! I'm happy to say, here's a newly mastered song with a new video/mini-film. The story is set in the still-Dickensian world of East London, 1933—Shoreditch, to be more precise, in the middle of the not-so-Great Depression—and yet dreams and love and fighting for what's right make it all worthwhile. My dad was four in 1933 when his dad died from the scourge of T.B. And across the Channel, a certain madman had just risen to power, fuelling an inconceivable scourge of hate. Times were rough and tough. And so it is today, in so many ways—yet so much beauty continues, arising from our dreaming of beautiful ideas and hopes. That's true, right? Consider the obstacles humans (or you, specifically) have overcome by putting dreams into action. Little Dreamers become big dreamers: so let's keep dreaming on for better days and love more if you can and, if you can, take a chance and follow what calls you. I believe this, too: if you have dreams and you put them into action, somebody, somewhere will have your back and back your dreams. It's so nourishing to look out for each other. Either way, that's Charlie Chaplin's job in the video. And the kid is the Little Dreamer in all of us.

Here's to your dreams and Little Dreamers everywhere.

Special thanks to Charlie Chaplin and little imp Jackie Coogan, and Chaplin's 1921 masterpiece, The Kid. A hundred and two years can pass in the blink of an eye. Remember that, and dream on.


Vocal: Pete McCormack / Background Vocals: Anne from Denmark and Pete from Canada / Guitar: Robbie Steininger / Bass: Marvellous Marvin Masok / Other stuff: Pete / Mastered at Jimi Studios in Holland.


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