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Michael J. Fox on CREATIVITY

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

If you have the blues amidst all that is going down these days, or whenever, I don't have the answer. But I like what the relentlessly brave and funny Michel J. Fox said here on CBC, and I will try and apply it.

Referring to his most recent book, Fox said:

"I mean, who knows why we do [create] these things. I didn't necessarily think, 'Oh, there's an audience for this [book]' or whatever. I just thought, 'I'm compelled to put this down.'"

Surely 99.9% of us are creating under that reality, so let's face up to it and create. Michael J. got creative despite advanced Parkinson's, a tumor in his back (thankfully benign) and a crushed arm. In fact, that was what he got creative about. Check out this video to see what your life can offer your creativity.

Then Fox says:

photo by Alan Light (he didn't say "photo by Alan light." I'm just giving the photographer credit). Micheal J. said the quote below.

"..I thought about the idea of the future, and then it came to me that the future is the last thing we run out of. We run out of breath. We run out of everything. Then there comes a point where we have no more future and that's the end of it."
"But until then there's always something in the future to be optimistic about, to look forward to. It may change our circumstances or it may not, but that will run out, so enjoy it while you have it."

How great is that to hear? I have to think that's both the truth and advice. What do we know beyond that last breath? Until then surely many different beautiful, sacred, banal, glorious things WILL happen. Finding optimism in the 'you never know' future is useful. It may even be a spiritual path. Who knows? It's the same for writing. You never know until you actually put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard.

So write or sing or paint and see what happens. See what happens can be the foundation of getting down to the beautiful creating. Or at least let's make it a a big part of it...

I see beautiful things happening. Yes.


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