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The Creative Process: Hope, Hesitation and a Daniele Bolelli Headlock.

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

I finished my third novel and the first novel of a YA Trilogy called My Last Friends on Earth. It was brutal but fulfilling process. It's left me a little...hesitant? Gun shy, even—writing wise? Stephen King writes in months. I write in eons. Then I finished the book but I haven't yet sent it out to agents or publishers, or self-published (and I'm a two-time published novelist). Why? I don't know. Are you a shrink? I need one.

Isabella, the daughter of my great and brilliant friend Daniele Bolelli (author, historian, podcaster) loved the book—she, like her dad, is also hyper-smart and talented, with a wow. A few other kids in cities across the globe (London, LA and Vancouver) have also loved the book. So Daniele told me I had to send it out to publishers / agents by the first week in September or I was a loser. He didn't say the last part but I felt it in his voice (see the photo below to see how he can get when he's in a mood).

I told Daniele I would send the book out and launch my website / YouTube channel at the same time. Well, the website and YouTube Channel are launched (two days ago, and the numbers are exploding into the multi-tens). But I haven't sent the book out and it's the second week in October. Oh the shame.

Can you relate? Shame sucks. Is there a creative job nagging your brain—a job creative or administrative that you're just not taking care of? If so, don't judge yourself too harshly. Try to get to it...or figure out what's holding you back. No, don't figure it out. Just get to it.

In other words, Pete, stop hesitating unless you're crossing the road and cars are coming. Fast.

I'm not entirely sure what's holding me back. Hardly anything used to hold me back, not even anxiety. That's not really true. Otherwise I wouldn't have written this song.

Caption: My dear friend Daniele Bolelli, choking the hell out of another friend—all as a way to tell me I'm next if I don't send that book out. Look at those assassin eyes. He just got his black belt in judo. What a mensch.

Will I send the manuscript out? I will, I think, I hope. That's no statement. What I'm trying to do is build a presence on social media by inspiring you creatively. Not easy. Turns out I need more charisma. This week will see me focussing on that one key word I mention in my first YouTube video, continuing with the videos for the YouTube Channel and overcoming creative and creative business procrastinations and fears. How about you? Can you relate? If so, check out my website etc. and let me know—and know we are together in some kind of cosmic creative solidarity that's way over my head. Go for it. Be the example you hope to be and wish I was. Isn't that what Gandhi said?

We will create.




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