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The ONE Word All Writing Geniuses Believe In

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

What could that one word be? It must be a huge word. Superfluous, perhaps. Or inconceivable. Maybe that's why William Goldman gave inconceivable such prominence in The Princess Bride. Actually, that's inconceivable. He didn't know the one word. And it's a much smaller word than inconceivable anyway. My FIRST video, short and sweet, on my YouTube channel, takes a guess at it. And from the grave, hopefully Tolstoy will roll over (assuming he's face down) and say something other than, "Nyet." Check out the video here. If you like it (or not), start writing and maybe subscribe and we could end up as friends or at least agree to disagree. Over here, we're cheering for your creative process.


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