The store is coming soon, with all kinds of things including a beautifully unframed photo of a complete idiot gaining enlightenment, just by holding his breath—which is diametrically opposed to the standard methodology. It’s yours for $129.99, so please get your wallet ready and open. You’ll be glad you did.

And if things continue to go gang-busters here at Big Pete’s Liberation Surplus, I may even have songs and CDs (and a new CD), DVDs and novels and even non-fiction books (and maybe buttons and nostalgic paraphernalia and religious trinkets, too!) for sale one day soon—oh, and maybe T-shirts (let me know). I could start my own cologne line. Although I don’t wear cologne. I don’t even wear deodorant. So what? I floss like crazy.

In the meantime, everything you can get your grubby little hands on is Super Free™, so take whatever you need, download whatever you can, and copy whatever you want, but remember, I still own the copyright to everything, so you should just pass it between friends—or acquaintances or even strangers if they seem to care a lot more than your friends. That happens sometimes, and it can be hurtful. If I catch you making big money off this, your next date will be with the FBI. Dig?

But even more importantly, do beautiful things for people, treat them like you love them. Just keep trying. We’re all in this condition together. I’m serious. Really give it a go.


copyright 2006 Pete McCormack