NOAM CHOMSKY in LEBANON: Choosing Dialogue over Destruction

I wrote this article about the queasiness I felt when I first heard Noam Chomsky had met with Hezbollah in May, and combined that with a longing/dream I have for more beautiful conversation, not just between the “power players,” but between all of us—a belief in strangers as sisters and brothers.

I know, I know, but I’m a romantic—even socially. Even if you hate me, I love you. We’ll work it out.

If you read this, I’d love feedback and ideas, and information on things limited. Here’s an excerpt just before it really gets great:

I’ve gone on line some more.

I’m pretty sure there is no Hezbollah/Chomsky plot.

The give away? It turns out that a couple weeks after the Hezbollah incident, Chomsky gave a talk at West Point Military Academy.

Now that, my friends, is a contradiction.

Would it be outlandish to guess that some parts of the military establishment are bitter with being railroaded into this war by a chain of command whose interests were in hindsight insanely myopic and whose predictions for Iraq were ludicrous—while this hated Jewish professor from MIT was pretty much bang on with his predictions?

Either way, I can’t see West Point, Hezbollah and Chomsky together in a plot. I’d say that’s right up there with the theory that JFK actually shot himself.

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