John Mann, a good friend of mine, is privileging us by playing two solo concerts at the the East Vancouver Cultural Centre (affectionately dubbed The Cultch) December 4 and 5.

It’ll be great and inspiring and wonderful, to be sure.

John, of course, is the lead singer/guitar player of the timeless, platinum-selling, Juno award-winning Spirit of the West, who have toured all over the world. But wait, there’s more! In the last few years, John has also been the lead in several big-time musicals from Les Miserables to Three Penny Opera. The guy’s got great pipes. John was brilliant in both (those are the two I saw). I never knew he could dance, too, alas…

Anyway, he’s a national treasure.

In summation, John Mann is super-talented, charismatic, funny, great songwriter, great voice, women find him sexy (I find him cute). He’s penned or co-penned countless terrific songs, from Political to Home For A Rest to And if Venice is Sinking, and we’ll all be a lot better off by spending a couple of hours with him live, as he serenades us in the little ol’ Cultch.

You can get tickets here.

This is John describing the process of house concerts and solo shows, and then showing his great gifts singing Political:

And If Venice Is Sinking, from Spirit’s platinum album, Faithlift:

Anyway, I can’t say enough good things about him. You have to go see him.

Pete x

And this is a great song, too, Home For A Rest, and I don’t even drink.


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