GRACE LEE BOGGS: 95 years of activism…

In an interview on Democracy Now, an interesting comment from the remarkable 95-year-old activist Grace Lee Boggs, on advice she’d give Bob King, the newly elected United Auto Workers’ president.

He needs to understand how much the world has changed, how much we are now not producing things, but we’re producing relations, how much the community has become as important as the plant, how much production now takes place outside the walls of the factory, and how we are at the stage in the development of humankind where our relationships with one another are the most important thing, and how we create community. And, you know, when you grow up—the labor movement, when it emerged, was when the working class was expanding. And now it’s shrinking. And how do you deal with that? And his organizers have trouble dealing with that. How do you really reach out to the community? How do you bridge that gulf?

A question applicable to so many things in an ever changing world. But how do you strive to build kindness and community, and intelligence, and innovation? And how would you like to be that on the ball at 95? How about that on the ball now? Someone once asked economist Kenneth Galbraith what it was like to be 90, and he said, paraphrasing, ‘…it’s better than the alternative.’

A longer interview with Grace Lee Boggs.

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