Mixed Martial Arts coming to Ontario

The UFC was a huge success when it finally came (legally) to Vancouver and British Columbia. It is now coming to Ontario. Countering UFC prohibition, I wonder if its increased legality is a sign of understanding prohibition and its limitations and problems—even with regard to illicit drugs. Or maybe the two aren’t related at all, and some humans simply like to watch other humans who like to beat each other up in a cage.

It’s tough to say, but either way, Bruce Lee, one of the true originators of mixed martial arts, or at least the use of a form meant for combat, Jeet Kune Do(Jeet Kune Do—the Way of the intercepting fist), was clearly both surprised and excited by the announcement.

Bruce Lee hears the news

From the Toronto Star:

“Ontarians have told us they want to see this. They want the choice,” said Sophia Aggelonitis, Minister of Consumer Services.

Those close to the sport called it phenomenal news.

“We’re all ecstatic,” said Noble Chummar, UFC’s Canadian lawyer and a partner at Cassels Brock. “Our efforts have paid off.”

Chummar said the turning point in the battle to bring the UFC to Ontario was when the province “realized how important it is to regulate the sport for the economic advantages and for the tremendous safety advantages.”

That is a direct link to one of the arguments against drug prohibition. But then again, I see links everywhere.

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  1. I think you’re second theory is closest to the truth: the concern was largely that MMA didn’t have the kind of, er, safety structures that boxing does. I don’t think it was part of some general libertarian trend in Canadian society.

    That said, it may be another data point in favor of Neil Postman’s idea that we’ve dodged George Orwell’s fears for the future and embraced Aldous Huxley’s fearful future.

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