FACING ALI in SEATTLE (May 29, June 1)

For those in Seattle and area, FACING ALI is at the Seattle International Film Festival. I think it should be a great time.

These are the two dates (maybe double check at the SIFF site to make sure I got it right).

Pacific Place Cinema 600 Pine Street, 4th floor
Friday 7:00 pm

The Egyptian Theater 801 East Pine Street
Saturday 1:45 pm

Oh, and I will be in attendance. Whether there will be a Q&A afterwards, I don’t know, but hopefully, because they’re always a lot of fun.

The trailer:

Lots of love to you,


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  1. Erynn says:

    Hi Pete — it’s the 29th and the 30th. I’ll try to make it to the Egyptian for the 30th matinee showing. Any chance I could buy you a chai down the street at Travelers afterwards? Would love to meet you in person and say hi — Travelers has amazing vegetarian Indian food and really good chai.

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