Werner Herzog has made a lot of terrific, original, passionate films, and he’s a fascinating character, and he actually seems friendly in interview. I thought Grizzly Man was simply great, riveting from start to finish. I mean how often do you see two massive grizzly bears go at it ferociously on a beach, and in the intensity, one craps itself—and keeps fighting? UFC on Animal Planet.

In an interview, I once commented about something Werner had said in the narration of Grizzly Man (Werner narrated the film, with the perfect voice for it, melancholic German:

I saw recently Werner Herzog in his fascinating documentary Grizzly Man—which I really enjoyed. He said, “I believe the universe is based in hostility, murder and chaos.” Then when he listened to the tape [recording] of the guy being eaten by the bear, it terrified him, petrified him, made him shake.

And I thought, if you [Werner] believe the world is truly based in chaos and horror and murder, you shouldn’t be shaking when that happens because that’s a natural state to be in. But it is not, and I don’t agree with Herzog at all in that. I think he is a great director but I don’t agree with that conclusion and I know that he doesn’t deep down agree with it either. Otherwise he wouldn’t shake when he heard someone being eaten by a bear, because we don’t want to be eaten by bears—bears being in that moment a metaphor for chaos or brutality or death or whatever.


As for Herzog’s melancholic German voice and unique Eyore perspective on the world, somebody faked his voice (or is it Werner himself?) and did a Where’s Waldo? according to Werner—in short, chaos and nihilism. Priceless. Here it is, and in the meantime, may Egypt prove more organized for kindness than random chaos, and may exterior forces help more than hinder.

May you find yourself, if not Waldo,

Pete xo


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