Head On: Of Sports and Concussions

Because we have a body, we have misfortune.
—Lao Tsu

Relating to the previous blog below, here are two older blogs, one describing some of the boxers who could never have been in Facing Ali, because of death and/or head injuries—Jimmy Ellis, Jerry Quarry, Floyd Patterson and Jimmy Young.

An excerpt from the blog:

[Jerry] Quarry also suffered from pugilistic dementia and died at 53, reportedly from a heart attack. Two of his boxing brothers were also affected by head trauma. Mike, like Jerry, had pugilistic dementia, and his death is associated with the disease. And today, Bobby, the youngest Quarry, has Parkinson’s syndrome—the condition that haunts Ali’s physical movements.

And another, by Malcolm Gladwell, about head injuries in sport, and the (perhaps not?) surprising extent of head injuries from several sports other than boxing. It is here.

Wishing you all the best, and safety in sports—but by definition in the material world, everything is impermanent, everything is changing (also for good).



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