Sneak preview. Okay, not really. Do I wish this was a hot pick from Rolling Stone Magazine, or a ‘Classic’ from Musical Express, or on high rotation on MTV? Well, I don’t really think about it. In fact I’m aware of them only slightly more than they are of me. Hey, man, I’ve been off the charts in every sense of the double entendre for several epochs.

Nonetheless, ol’ Pete finally made a video, of Wide Open, about as simple as you can do it, totally based on Michael Jackson’s Thriller—although let’s be honest, a notch up.

As of today on youtube, one day in, 62 people have watched Wide Open, and 70,184,779 people have watched Britney Spears Womanizer. I’m not kidding, 70 million, or more than twice the population of Canada.

As for Wide Open, the makeup artist didn’t show, but the forest did, and so did the ocean and the weather. The rest, as they say, is anything but history.

Thanks to the multi-talented, wonderfully beautiful Jennifer Rashleigh and Samantha Reynolds, who were a dream—and we all took turns carrying the boombox in search of light. I paid the 16 bucks for batteries—and dammit, it’s my camera.

Press here for a 44 year old with a dream—who’s still not sure what that dream is. But surely it has something to do with being wide open. Here’s to being yourself. Or, to quote the song, “You are beautiful!”

Love ya!




  1. philip McCormack says:

    Hi Petesy, That song, wide open is like you, just beautiful, Love Dad

  2. Thanks, pops. xoxo

  3. Karen says:

    Hi Pete,

    I’ll say it again; Dad’s are the greatest, aren’t they? There for your wildest triumphs, lowest failures, and everything in between.

    I actually saw Wide Open before I read this post, when I went to show my Love the Farchana video. Nice job; and you’re so right, the dancing (you moved one of your knees under the guitar, didn’t you?) far outdoes Thriller. Who knew just how talented you are (well, besides your Dad)? And it’s nice to see a performer with so much admiration and respect for the camera crew.

    Okay, seriously, Bravo! I hope you don’t mind, but I passed the link on to a few folks.

    Interesting company (common thread videos?) you have on YouTube for the Farchana video. But then again, that exposes (no pun intended) a very different audience to something a bit more worldly. You meant that, right?

    I hear your forties are when you get to act on your dreams. Keep dreaming till you figure out what your current dream is. I’m blessed to have reached a couple already, but the really blessed always have a new one waiting.

    Love to you and those you love,


  4. Hey Karen,

    Thanks. And thanks for passing it on. No, the company on the sight is youtube generated, evidently by the words ‘women’ and ‘fighting’. Fascinating. I clicked on a couple of those. Weird. And women actually do ultimate fighting, too. I had no idea. Brutal. Must’ve been male in a past life, or next life, or Rotweillers.

    But doing the video was fun, and we filmed it in about 2 hours, with my little hand held camera, and a boom-box playing the song to keep time. I thought it came out with the right intention, joyful, hopeful, slightly sad, somehow, earthy.

    I’ve been pretty lucky with dreams myself. And yet the specifics of what drives me is less clear. I think I believe I’m the compulsion. The question then is who would I be without the compulsion? Ah, metaphysics.

    Sending you lots of love,

    Pete xo

  5. Oh yeah, Farchana. Those women, and the one interviewed, remind me of the miracle of the human spirit, and courage, and thank God for that. Just miraculous. That took quite a bit of time to put together, and I actually did the score, too—but worth it. This life is inconceivable, yet we are conceived, and here we are. Gratitude. Joy. Humour. Love.

    Pete xoxo

  6. Karen says:

    Wait a minute! I thought the score was done by Mete PcCormack? First you infringe on Thriller and now you’re stealing this poor guy’s work? The guy may be difficult to work with but give him his due. :)

    Seriously, my Love and I noticed the score and liked it. Very nice job.

    My Love and I clicked on a couple of those “other” videos too! After the second one my Love asked me if I could hear the mother ship overhead hitting the gas and the faint sound of an alien parent telling the kids they’ll just have to wait till the next planet.

    So many possibilities once a cluster of neurons we call a brain wakes up.

    Love to you and yours,

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