After a long and fascinating haul, the Network Entertainment produced I Am Bruce Lee film, that I directed, is finished, and possibly coming to a theatre near you. You can check locations here, for about 170 theatres across the US. I believe it might be doing the same in Canada in March.

I deeply enjoyed researching Bruce Lee’s life, and directing the film. And as always, it was fantastic meeting such interesting and passionate people on the interview process, and great always to work with such talent on the production side of things.

In a very cool article in the Wall Street Journal today called Why Bruce Lee Has More Kick Now Than Ever, Jeff Yang wrote, quoting me:

“From my point of view, the 20th century gave us just two [sports] icons who rose above time, space and race: There was Muhammad Ali, and there was Bruce Lee,” says documentary filmmaker Pete McCormack, explaining the rationale behind his two most recent projects, the feature documentary “Facing Ali,” shortlisted for the Academy Award in 2010, and its new followup “I Am Bruce Lee,” which hits 160 theaters across the country for special screenings on February 9 and 11.

It’s an assertion that instantly prompts thoughts of obvious alternatives (was that a muffled cough from Mohandas Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr.?) — but the truth is, it can’t be dismissed as hyperbole either.

Ali and Lee were rare and similar figures: Exceptionally charismatic individuals who thrived in the spotlight, and who earned their permanent place in history by both embodying and overcoming the contradictions of their era. They were unifiers and provocateurs, paramount warriors who preached peace, racial role models whose impact reached far beyond their own communities.

Let me just say, and I do speak very quickly, I was referring very specifically (at least in my head) to sports icons, not any icons. In the category of sport, I think the comment is arguably accurate, with many other possible nominees. My point was, I wouldn’t want to do just a sports documentary (thought that can be great). I was moved by what had unfolded beyond their respective sports, and was inspired to try and capture some of that wonder and greatness on celluloid. Okay, we shot digital, but you get my point.


2 Responses to “I AM BRUCE LEE”

  1. Joe says:

    Dear Mr. Mc Cormack.:
    I, as millions wish you much success.
    Thank you for bringing this to the masses.
    Bruce was, and continues to be the reason millions have taken up Martial Arts.
    His aura and spirit have helped me to persevere through many personal obstacles.
    May he rest in peace as his legend lives on.

  2. Thanks, Joe,

    It was a real honour and a lot of fun to make the film. Hope you get something out of it. Either way, be like water, my friend.


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